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Being healthy isn’t a goal; it’s a way of life. It’s a silent oath to take care of the body to ensure itsnourishment and wellbeing. A healthy body is attributed to a happy, successful and a fulfilling life.

ICan is an initiative by Canapure wherein we want people to believe that a healthy lifestyle can help them overcome all the obstacles for them to achieve their aspirations!

ICan, we urge people to take the pledge to switch to Canapure- the healthiest culinary oil, to take a step towards being fit & fulfil their dreams.

To participate in the ICan movement, take the pledge below:

I Pledge to:

Welcome to healthy living with ICan.
Invite friends to join you on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Admitting something is wrong is a big step towards change.

It is not easy for a mother to get a call from paramedics informing that her daughter had collapsed on her way home. All those dreadful thoughts that you keep locked in the corner of your heart comes up. At an age of 27, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and a blood pressure count of 190/120. Doctors attributed her condition to stress and her unhealthy lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyle is not only about drinking, smoking or calorie-rich food, it is so much more. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to adhere to a lifestyle that will ensure you have a healthy, successful and a fulfilling life. A focused and conscious effort of choosing the edible oil that suits you best, curbing on those temptations, sticking true to a fitness regime and following up on your medication with your doctor. Luckily for us, my daughter was aware of this and admitted that she required a change in her lifestyle. It was her determination, “I can overcome this like so many things I have done in my life” and she did overcome. Her happy family life with her husband and two kids is a testimonial to the fact that a small pledge to yourself can change the course of life for you.

-    Mrs.Sureka Achari,
     Noida, Delhi.