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Yes. The oil is produced by using specially bred seeds in order to make it a lot beneficial than most other cooking oils. Thorough research has proven that Canapure Canola Oil should be added to human diets.

No. Rapeseeds have been tested and studied for several years in order to verify whether they’re safe for use for animals and humans alike.

Not all, but most Canola plants are genetically engineered. The plants are modified to give better yield for higher quality oil.

Canapure Canola Oil has fewer saturated fats, as less as 7% when compared to Olive Oil which has 15% and Sunflower Oil which has over 12% of these saturated fats. These saturated fats lead to cholesterol and heart disease risks. However, since Canapure Canola Oil has a miniscule amount of these saturated fats, it lessens the risks of most diseases and disorders.

Canapure Canola Oil should be stored in room temperature. In this case, the oil can be used for close to a year. The shelf life of Canapure Canola Oil is similar to most other multipurpose or cooking oils.